The Case for Outsourcing

There is a certain level of comfort in doing things the way they’ve always been done. But there are a number of reasons outsourcing may just be the way forward for your course. 

A program that works for you 

We’ll work with you to develop a program that reflects your desired outcomes. This is the case whether your outcomes are financial, related to turf quality or course improvements like greens, tees and hard infrastructure. We’ll make sure you’re always ready for special events.

Budget control 

We deliver to our original plan, every year on budget. Outsourcing to us will free up your funds to spend in other areas, provide an immediate cash injection to the club and free up time for you to find new methods of attracting members and guests to your course.

Staff management 

We help our clients by reducing the time and money they spend managing staff, leaving you free to focus on other areas. We know the best way to schedule the day to optimise productivity. And we have sufficient staff numbers to ensure annual leave is always covered.

Your course is our only concern 

We don’t worry about how you manage your business. Our only job is to ensure you stand out from the competition and are delivering for your members and guests with a top-quality course.

Leave the equipment worries behind

Equipment broken down? New machine way over budget? With us, you receive the benefits of our large-scale purchasing power. We have the resources and financial capabilities to provide you with the most suitable machinery.

Reducing your risk 

With our third-party certified WHS system, we take full responsibility for our staff, workers comp and return to work. You can rest easy that it’s no longer an area that will cause you concern and get back to focusing on your brand.

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