Environmental Rehabilitation

Environmental rehabilitation is a key element in the successful maintenance of a golf course. The size and nature of golf courses often means they play host to key environmental corridors. It is of increasing importance that clubs manage these areas appropriately, partake in protection and regeneration practices and minimise the impact of their course operations.

Environmental benefits of a golf course include:

  • Protection of large areas of open / green space
  • Reduce erosion during rainfall and storms thanks to large areas of natural turf
  • Reduced erosion results in less runoff into waterways
  • Habitat for local flora and fauna
  • Improved air quality

Recognising the important role clubs play in the protection of our natural environment rehabilitation, we have a number of services and methods in place to assist our clients. 

These include:

  • Pest and weed control 
  • Land rehabilitation and planting
  • Constructed and natural wetland management
  • Waterway rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Water efficiency / conservation assessments
  • Reduce pollution and runoff

Featured Project

Wallacia Country Club Golf Course

Client: St Johns Park Bowling Club (previously Panthers Group)

Location: Sydney

Since 2014, our golf course management team has overseen the course maintenance at Wallacia Country Club Golf Course.

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